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Write about fun games for passengers to play in the car

September 9th, 2018

Long car trips can get tedious for kids and adults alike as mile after mile the time can drag. Fortunately, there are plenty of games and activities that passengers can enjoy to make the drive pass more quickly and enjoyably. Here are a few ideas to make your next road trip a bit more interesting.

1. 21 Questions

A classic car game. The person who is it has to think of something, and it can be literally anything. The rest of the car then take turns asking questions to narrow down exactly what the person is thinking of. The person who guesses what the player is thinking of correctly gets to play next and think of the next thing.

2. Did you hear that …?

For creative types that are up on current events or are interested in what is going in the world. The player whose turn it is asks ‘did you hear that ____ occurred?’. The rest of the car take turns asking either for more information or accusing the player that they made the story up. If the player fools them they get a point, if they are accused correctly of making up a fake story the other person gets a point.

3. Online Poker

Sometimes on a long trip, you need some time to yourself and are worn out from being overly creative with team games. Luckily nowadays wherever there is cell phone coverage there is access to the internet and all the entertainment options that come with it. One thing to consider on a car journey is online poker. It’s challenging, exciting and easily makes the time and miles pass by quickly. There are a ton of options – free play, play for money, you can play against the computer or play against other people.

4. The name game

A great game for fans of celebrities. The first person to play says the name of someone famous. The next person then has to say the name of a famous person where the letter of the first name starts with the letter of the previous surname. For example player one might say Albert Einstein, then the second player needs to come up with someone whose first name starts with E. If there is too long a hesitation then that person is out.

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