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Must have tools for the car enthusiast

June 9th, 2014

Every car enthusiast loves to spend time working on his car and will take every opportunity he gets to enhance the speedster, be it a small tweak to boost performance, a new coat of wax for his latest masterpiece, or a full-scale overhaul.

There are two completely divergent categories for car enthusiasts, the ones who want to rehabilitate the former glory of their car, restoring them to their original state, and the enthusiasts who prefer to leave their mark on the cars and create tailor-made versions of their rides. Either approach involves investment, commitment and loads of elbow grease.


Luckily, there are many tools that can make your hobby seem like a walk in the park. Tools can ease you through the restoration process, and make it a real joy for you to work on your project, even after a hard day at work. There are many trustworthy tools in every car enthusiast’s garage, tools that no mechanic can do without, no matter how much of a DIY expert he may claim to be. Here are the five tools that ensure a good restoration:

Mechanics tool set

No garage is complete without a tool set, unless you like your screwdrivers and wrenches scattered and roaming freely all around the garage. Having a tool set is important if you like to be organised, and you dislike wasting precious time looking around the garage for your trusty wrench. The tool set comes in handy for a variety of quick fixes or cranking jobs like swapping burnt spark plugs or breaking loose rusty bolts.

Lift service jack

This tool is very helpful when you want to change a tyre, or want to work on the brakes or the steering system. A good, trustworthy jack allows you to get under your car and make tweaks and spare part replacements a piece of cake. Buy a solid one, because a leaking jack is no one’s idea of fun, especially if it starts leaking just as you’ve mustered up the courage to get under the car despite your latent claustrophobic episodes.

Car movers

And now to one of the most absolute must-have piece of equipment you need for your car is a mover. Don’t have one? Well, what do you plan on moving it from one show-room to the next with, then, silly? Don’t fret, here’s an idea: get a hold of a business card from Stringo and keep it in your glove compartment. And give them a call, by all means, because the Stringo 360 won’t be waiting around for you forever. The nice chaps at Stringo will be sure to brighten your day if the mere sight of your splendid speedster hasn’t already.


After lifting your car, you could find that it is pretty annoying to crawl under there. To make it easier for yourself, get a creeper, slide under your car and add those finishing touches that are bound to make your ride handle and sound better than ever. Don’t underestimate the creeper, it is a very important tool for every mechanic, and it also guarantees fewer elbows scrapes, something the missus will appreciate.

Sandblasting kit

Sandblasting is the most important steps in prepping a car for a paintjob. A good sandblasting kit will guarantee complete removal of all contaminants and left-over paint from the car’s body and frame. Make sure to wear your protective equipment at all times, including earplugs, especially if the afore-mentioned missus is particularly chatty.

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