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Keeping your car spotless

September 27th, 2017

Your car is your primary means of transportation. Its importance in your everyday life is probably unmatched, except by your house. Yet so many people neglect their cars, often only washing the outside and leaving the inside poorly maintained. Now consider this, when you wash the outside and leave the inside unattended you are basically posturing for the public; you want us to think that your car is actually clean but the reality is different. A really ‘clean’ car is spotless inside and outside, and it’s actually the inside that matters more.

Here are two useful tips to keep your car spotless:

Keep the car carpet dry. The car’s carpet is probably one of the filthiest places in any motor vehicle. Partly this could be because cleaning car carpets can be really hard. There are nooks and crannies where dirt creeps into and defiantly refuses to clean away. The areas under the seats are notoriously hard to get to and clean thoroughly. Dust and dry dirt can be vacuumed off, or blown off, but wet dirt is a real menace. Moisture leads to grime, and grime attracts, even more, grime to accumulate. Shall we talk about the smell? No amount of air freshener will kill the damp and dirty smell of the grime trapped in your carpet.

Don’t smoke in your car. “But I smoke with the windows open!” Yeah, but smoke does get blown inside the car. Cars have a lot of fabric, and fabric absorbs smells then holds those smells for a really long time. Smoking inside your car is a definite no-no if you want to maintain a clean and fresh-smelling car. If you must use tobacco then it would be much better to use a substitute like Swedish Snus, which incidentally has also been found to help smokers stop smoking.

Whatever you do, prevention is the best cure. Make a conscious effort to prevent your car from getting dirty in the first place because once the dirt is there removing it might be the challenge that you are not prepared to undertake.

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