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Car Bingo – Fun in the Car

May 11th, 2018

Car bingo is often used to keep children entertained and doesn’t have monetary prizes at the end of it. There are many different versions with symbols or I-Spy used to replace the numbers so that children have to keep on the lookout outside the car in order to see if they can complete their card first. Of course it is up to the parents to give out a prize if they see fit! Bingo is popular with people both young and old. There are numerous different types of bingo that can be played depending on the situation, number of people and other factors. Outlined below are a number of different bingo versions that can be played. The most common form of bingo is that of the bingo hall. People gather here and are each handed a card or cards, which they pay for. Depending on the bingo hall, there is a set fee for the price of the cards and this will reflect in the jackpot at the end. There will be a person at the front of the hall who will be picking numbers from a set of balls, usually in a large rotating ball. These numbers correlate with those found on everyone’s cards. The person to complete their card first shouts bingo and can win the prize. Sometimes there are other rules such as only a certain number of lines need to be completed so it is important that players know the rules before beginning. Bingo has also made the transition to the online world. The set-up is almost identical with players paying for a number of cards as their bankroll dictates. The numbers are generated by a random number generator with players following the set bingo rules that are laid out by the casino. The major difference here though is that often there are extra offers in the form of free cards or full games and this can help players make more winnings.

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