Associated Clubs

June 11th, 2014

The Northwest Car Collectors Association is one of the most popular organisations for individuals who are enthusiasts of both classic and modern vehicles.

Located in the town of Tualatin in Oregon, this association is also affiliated (either directly or indirectly) with several other similar groups. As there are countless listings that can be found throughout the Northwest, for the sake of brevity we will take a quick look at those organisations that are the most prominent and which are within the immediate area.


Portland Organisations

As Portland is the largest city and the capital of Oregon, it should be no surprise that there are a number of automobile clubs to be found in the immediate area. For those who are aficionados of famous vehicles, the Cinema Classics Car Club proves to be a popular choice. There is even an organisation known as the Buick Club of America (Portland Area Chapter) that celebrates the history of this brand. A few other notable affiliated organisations include:

  • The Columbia River Camaro Club
  • The Outcasts Car Club
  • Street Magic of Portland

Clubs Found Further Afield

Of course, there are many other clubs than those located within the Portland area. Some of the largest are:

  • Oregon Christian Cruisers
  • The Mid-Columbia Car Club
  • Street Memories Car Club
  • The Cruisin’ Rebels Classic Car Club
  • Hermiston Classics Car Club

Currently, there are also a host of clubs that are not formally members of the Northwest Car Collectors Association but are nonetheless considered loose affiliates. A handful of these are the North Valley Cruzzers, the Cascade Corvette Club and Sunset Classic Chevys.

There are naturally a number of other clubs that can be found with a simple online search. For those who have a “need for speed” and that enjoy celebrating automotive wonders, these clubs are perhaps the ideal choices.