June 11th, 2014

As the name hints, the Northwest Car Collectors Association specialises in attracting aficionados of the automobile and racing industries. It is located in a town known as Tualatin in Oregon.

This association has been in existence since 1980 (or at the very least, this was the first year that it filed for a tax-exempt status through the United States Internal Revenue Service). Presently, there appears to be no functional website and there has been little reported revenue generated during the past few years.


The Glorification of the Automobile

While external revenue may appear not to be present, it is still clear that this association caters to those individuals who have a unique appreciation for modern and classic automobiles. In fact, it is quite similar to similar organisations throughout the world who specialise in glorifying this technology.

From the information garnered, the Northwest Car Collectors Association mainly caters to those who reside in the Pacific northwest and states such as Washington, Oregon and portions of northern California. However, there seems to be no stipulations which state that residents of different states cannot join. It is unknown as to whether or not this is a global organisation that allows foreign members.

It can be assumed that like many similar groups, the ultimate goal of the Northwest Car Collectors Association is to espouse a celebration of classic and modern cars for their artistic and functional merits. As it appears to be a rather informal group, it is unclear if members gather on a regular basis, attend trade fairs or meet at a designated location. Nonetheless, cars such as the Corvette, the Ferrari, the Porsche and other renowned vehicles have taken a respected place in this club.

A Long-Standing Tradition

Groups that celebrate the automobile can trace their roots back to the dawn of the twentieth century and such a tradition is particularly endemic throughout the United States. Thus, it should come as no great surprise that the Northwest Car Collectors Association has enjoyed a public following for over thirty years.

As there are numerous racing circuits in the Pacific Northwest, the presence of this organisation amongst numerous others is only logical. With the advent of more innovative automobiles into the future, groups such as this will continue to be quite attractive to countless enthusiasts.

These are a few fundamental aspects of this not-for-profit organisation. With three decades of experience and a loyal member base throughout Oregon and the neighbouring states, the Northwest Car Collectors Association represents a traditional aspect of American culture and history